Ground Water Prospecting at Konandur, Arakalgud Taluk, Hassan District

 Ground Water Prospecting was done at Konanur Village, Arakalgud Taluk, Hassan District. The region posed challenges with hard rock formations. With the advent of Remote Sensing and GIS along with the usage of Magnetometer, prospecting was done. Final out put was positive. The water was available at a depth of 250 feet. 

Feedback from our client

I was looking for the scientific geologists who can assist me in finding suitable bore well point point in my farmland. When i was browsing in internet i found this guys and requested for their service and find me suitable point. I was really surprised when they visited my farm, because a total four number geologists visited our farm.They surveyed nook and corner of farm and pointed out two points based on geospatail and magentometeric analysis. Finally they suggested to drill bore-well at one one point they suggested and we got good quantity of water at that point. One more good thing about this guys they always advocate about groundwater recharge which is need of time. Finally one more thing about them is that they are really professional.

                                                                   -Mohammed Aiyaz

                                                                    Research Fellow

                                                                    IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

Geological Investigation of Disaster Prone Zones of KODAGU DISTRICT 

Kodagu District of Karnataka witnessed massive landslides and Floods in the month of August. The people residing over the slopes were more affected. We from Acqua Geo Consultancy visited the Disaster hit zones discussed with the authorities over the possible measures. Soil Piping at Karike was examined by the team and was brought to the notice of authorities. The firm also visited various landslide prone zones and instilled courage among the locals and gave full Geological support of their private lands completely free of cost.

Geological Investigation of Sakaleshapura, Hassan 

A Geological Investigation study is being conducted at the above mentioned area within the Western Ghats region. The project is ongoing .

Ground Water Solution at Chikkaballapur

A detailed field visit was conducted to propose a ground water solution at Chikkaballapur. Out of 33 Borewells most of them had failed. A proper Ground water solution was proposed. The Project is ongoing

Ground Water Solution at Kolar

A detailed Geological investigation was conducted at an agricultural field in Kolar, The Ground water is over exploited and a proper Ground water management plan along with a Ground Water solution was proposed.

Ground Water Solution at Kasaragod, Kerala

A detailed Ground water solution was proposed at three different locations near Kasaragod, Kerala. The project is ongoing. 

Search Operation of Missing AN-32 Indian Air Force Aircraft

An Indian Air Force AN-32 Military Transport Aircraft went missing in Arunachal Pradesh in June 2019. AcquaDAT(Disaster Assistance Team) volunteered and worked remotely by creating possible location maps and search area. Though it is not completely based on our report , the wreckage location and our reports were close. Ultimately it is a team work.  We believe it is our duty  to assist our Air Warriors. 

AcquaEDU Training Programme

A Topography Training Programme was organized under the aegis of AcquaEDU. Students from Acharya Vidya Kula Mysore participated in this programme. They were provided field exposure and hands on experience on the state of the art technology. They were also provided with Environmental awareness and conservation methodologies. 


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