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Welcome to Acqua Geo Consultancy

Home for all Geological & Environmental Projects

Our Expertise 

AcquaDAT (Disaster Assistance Team)

Geological & Environmental Disaster is an unexpected event causing severe casualties. We do provide scientific support and field assistance , Disaster Management & Mitigation plans. 


While we are living in the concrete jungle, there is a pristine forest with various wildlife and their habitats. We conduct scientific studies on wildlife, Human Wildlife Conflict, Habitat loss, Rejuvenation & Restoration of Habitats and lot more

AcquaTECH Research & Development

We are into R&D of Environmental and Geo friendly technologies in order to save Earth and Environment

AcquaROCK (Rocks and Mineral Analysis)

Hardcore Geology involves Rocks and Mineral studies. We do test all the varieties of Rocks,minerals & Soil. Physical, Chemical and Optical analysis of these samples are conducted in the state of the art technology. 


In this competitive world no one is ready to compromise with the quality. DRONE surveys are effective which gives greater knowledge. The applications are Surveying, Crop Monitoring, Disaster Management and lot more

We do provide GIS surveys,GPS Surveys,DroneSurveys,Precision Farming, We have a dedicated team of GIS Analysts and GIS Engineers .We do mapping and provide solution .

AcquaRECHARGE (Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Recharge)

Annually there is a wastage of 468 billion liters of Rain water. Why should we waste such a treasure?. We have specialized system of Rain Water Harvesting and Ground water recharge. And believe us, you get this solution at an economical cost. It starts from few hundreds to thousands....

Acqua Solution (Ground Water Solutions)

Water.. The chief source of our life.  We not only provide the water  but we do bring smile on your face.  Believe us... If there is water we bring it for you. We do provide the water budget planning for your home, or any of your establishments. We do provide Hydrogeological Report along with installation of telemetric Piezometers and Digital Water Level Flow meters as per CGWA and SGWA Guidelines.

Acqua EXPLORE (Geophysical Exploration)

Whether you need petroleum or you want the data of interior of earth. For this you need to Explore.. Why to worry when we are here to explore for you....... 

AcquaMINE (Quarry and Mine Planning)

If we need something we have to plan. If we need to extract we should have a plan. If If we need to mine Gold, Iron, Manganese or Quarry Granite, Marble etc we should have a clear plan. And ours is a clear plan where you can blindly follow the path and reach your treasure.

AcquaENGI (Engineering Solutions)

Our team is comprised of strong Structural, Engineering Geologists and Civil Engineers who are capable to handle Engineering projects . Whether it might be a building, Dam, Dockyard etc. Ours will be a total solution. 

AcquaENVI (Environmental Assessments)

We need to address the local Environmental issues to be in peace. Of Course We are a part of Environment. We do provide services of Restoration, Rejuvenation of lakes, Rivers, abandoned mines, Biodiversity Management, Forest Management  Surveys, and lot more. Let's protect the environment and we believe in sustainable development. 

AcquaEDU (Education)

Education is the foundation of our living. We do provide Orientation programme for Teachers in Geography, High School students for mapping and hands on GPS training. One to one online coaching classes in Earth Science and Geophysics for IIT JAM  Geology and GATE Geology and Geophysics. Our systematic coaching with study material and experienced lecturers will build confidence in the students. We show the path of success. 

AcquaTOUR (Geo Tourism)

We are happy to claim that we are the first company to provide Geo Tourism facility for everyone. Let it be Schist belts, Landslide prone zones, Coastal areas, or Earthquake Zones, Deserts and Plains , Of course the hilly and mountain regions of Geological Importance. We do provide Field Work facilities for Educational Institutions. Be comfortable, Explore new things, Feel Adventurous and learn a lot. 

AcquaJOURNO (Journals and Articles)

You have done a wonderful project. But you need to present it in a National or International Seminar or you want to publish it in an International Journal. We do help you for this content writing. Our team has expertise in understanding the type of conference or the journal you want to publish. We do it for you and add a success mark to your career.

AcquaINT (Projects and Internships)

We do assist students for their projects and we also provide Internships for students of Graduation and Post Graduation Level. Whether it might be working model, or a poster we guide you, we assist you and We bring out the talent in you. 

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